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There are many astounding and authentic safari products that have been built in beautiful but often hard to reach places by passionate people looking to use sustainable tourism to impact conservation and their local communities. However many of these camps or lodges have a difficult time achieving profitable occupancies in the competitive safari tourism market. Furthermore, finding the time to build a distinguishable brand and market the product properly is difficult when so much time and attention is needed to go towards run a good operation. Wildman Safaris has been handling the marketing and reservations for properties that find themselves in this situation for 8 years now with excellent returns for the camps.

We achieve these results by employing the following strategy:

branding & marketing

We establish and develop and distinguished brand, marketing strategy and product targets.

digital media

We take on all the web and digital media interfaces and presences to solidify the brand and marketing message.

reservations & invoicing

We handle all the marketing, reservations and invoicing under the product’s brand as well as attending to broader marketing approaches like travel shows, presentations and agent training etc.

commission based 

We do all of the above on a commission basis only – no monthly fees or retainers.

If you believe you have an authentic tourism product that is not achieving the occupancies you believe it is capable of OR you don’t have the time or resources to ensure that it does, then you can either:

1. Take a chance to try and manage it yourself or hope things somehow change, OR


Or chat to people who we are partnering with to see if our approach can help you grow your dream safari camp!

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