August – September

Barotse Floodplains Float Trip Safari

A 5 night float trip down the remote Lungwebungu River in the Barotse Floodplains overnighting on beautiful white sandy islands.

Safari Overview
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Brief Safari Overview

This incredible tiger fishing trip is the first of its kind! Floating down 140km of the Lungwebungu River in the Barotse Floodplains targeting trophy tigerfish and largemouth bream on fly and lure, we get to explore some of the most remote tiger fishing water available. Our custom built ‘float boats’ are the first of their kind on the Zambezi for fishing – due to the remoteness and size of the Lungwebungu, it is fished without the disturbance of a motor and so our float boats are steered by oars and assisted with a sneaker motor. Spend your days floating down this hidden river in Barotse working structures and drop offs for the trophy fish before arriving at a pre-setup mobile camp on a pristine white sandy beach. We start our fishing about 140kms up the Lungwebungu and finish in Lukulu harbour.


August - September


5 nights


Mobile Camp


6 groups / 8 per group

This trip takes place on the Lungwebungu River in the Barotse Floodplains

Day 1

Arrival in Barotseland

The Barotse Floodplain Float Safari begins with an early morning departure from Lanseria (if using our charter) and after landing in Lukulu, Western Zambia, we cross the Lukulu pontoon and head off for 3,5 hours to our first launch site. Here, we meet the float boats and after our support team has taken your luggage, you should be able to enjoy 2-3 hours fishing on the first afternoon.

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Day 2 – 5

A Typical Day

The days begin early with some proper coffee around the fire with oats porridge and rusks. We then depart our beach and fish the bends and drop offs of the Lungwebungu before meeting for a brunch in the shade of the gazebo on a beach near a shallow sand bar for a swim. We then continue downstream until we reach our overnight spot. The support team would have gone ahead and setup camp, bucket showers and toilets so we will arrive, enjoy a shower and drinks and dinner beneath the stars.

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Day 6

Departure Day

Our last overnight spot is 11km from Lukulu harbour so we have a final few hours drifting and fishing down the Zambezi before meeting the vehicle at the harbour and preparing to depart from Lukulu by our private charter.

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Our island mobile camps consist of canvas bow tents (2 guests per tent) with stretcher beds, mattresses, bedrolls and linen and solar lanterns. Each tent has its own ‘ablution tent’ consisting of a bucket shower and field toilet. We serve our meals beneath the stars around the fire. Each night is spent on a different island or beach and allows for one of the most relaxing fishing trips available – free from noise and disturbance, living at the pace of the river and tackling Africa’s finest sport fish in one of the most remote corners of the continent.

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Fishing in Barotse

As we are a mobile float trip, our primary means of targeting the trophy tigers and bream on this river is by spinning with lures or fly fishing. The guides position and hold the boat by oars and anchor and allow you to work flooded trees, mud walls, sandy drop offs or deep channels quietly, without disturbing the water or fish. Where live bait can be sourced, we will be able to offer drifting with live bait BUT this is dependent on bait availability whilst we fish. Trolling is generally not possible as we are limited to floating downstream or holding the boat in position. Lures like effzetts, fat raps, afri jigs and rapala magnums are very effective as are flies such as clouser minnows and brush flies. Tigerfish of up to 20lbs have been caught on this river and can absolutely destroy tackle while bream up to 10lbs lie hidden in the structure waiting for accurate presentation to draw them out.

Travel Logistics - Getting there

There are 3 ways to get to Lukulu for the Barotse Floodplain Float trip:
1. Fly in with our private charter from Lanseria | 2. Fly in with your own charter (NOTE – we will ask you to assist with bringing in camp supplies as all fresh produce and supplies are flown in). | 3. Drive in to Lukulu (Again, we will ask for assistance with bringing in supplies).

View Available Dates

Available Dates

There are 6 groups available starting in August 2019:
Group 1: 8 – 13 August
Group 2: 15 – 20 August
Group 3: 22 – 27 August
Group 4: 29 – 3 September
Group 5: 5 – 10 September
Group 6: 1 – 17 September

COST: R25’000 pps for the 5 night trip

(Add charter flight from Lanseria if required)
Includes: Accommodation, meals, all guided fishing, laundry, bottled water and hot drinks.
Excludes: Other drinks (we are limited in what we can supply and stock so we encourage guests to bring as much of their own drinks as they want), charter flights (we can add this).

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