The wildest outdoor team experience on offer

Teams of 4 will compete against each other over the course of 2 days in an amazing race meets geo-caching event tracking down specific species with the chance to win a prize valued at over R70 000.

How the game works

Step 1
  • The teams will be given a customised cache card (see example below) displaying 16 unique wildlife and bird species in Nambithi. There are 4 competing cache drive sessions and each team will get a different cache card for each session.
View 'Cache Card' example from a previous event HERE

Step 2
  • The objective is to sight a vertical, horizontal or diagonal ‘cache line’ of 4 species on your cache card as quickly as possible (think bingo!) Once you have sighted a line, your team will call in and be ranked from quickest to slowest with the quicker you sight a full line, the lower your rank. After 4 drives, the team with the lowest rank, wins!

Step 3
  • Each species is rated at different levels of difficulty to sight so in order to score, you will need to use all your inner ranger skills as a team with your guide and a lot of strategy to avoid wild goose chases to secure your full line as quickly as possible.

Where does it take place?

The location of the event will depend on your location and the group size. Just let us know parameters for both and we will organise the event accordingly. (See example below for where a previous event was held.)

The Grand Prize

The winning team could win a prize valued at over R70,000. 

Spot prizes awarded for session winners AND bonus species sighted.
See previous event prize below - 3 nights at a Luxury Safari Lodge in the Luangwa

Luambe Camp
Sunset over the Luangwa
The Luangwa River
Luxury awaits...

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