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Luambe Camp, Kasikizi Bushcamp and Surefoot Safaris

Luambe Camp, Luambe National Park

Once a forgotten and barren wilderness, Michael Riffel and Mario Voss took on the Luambe Conservation Project in 2015 and appointed Wildman Safaris to assist with tourism marketing in 2016. As the hard work and commitment on the ground by Mario and his team began to take shape, so Luambe began to return into the international tourism scene. Luambe became a sort after gem for clients looking to combine the high density wildlife experience of South Luangwa with a remote, private experience of the Luangwa that is reminiscent of the early days of the Luangwa Valley.

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Kasikizi Bushcamp, Luambe National Park

As the presence and demand for the experience offered by the Luambe Conservation Project has grown, so Michael and Mario are now able to offer a new part of Luambe National Park. In July 2020, the Kasikizi Bushcamp opens in the southern half of the park overlooking a classic Luangwa river floodplain.

Mapazi Camp, Surefoot Safaris

In 2018, master guide Deb Tittle and Jane Addey opened a ‘walking only’ bush camp in the remote northern regions of South Luangwa National Park. This intimate little bush camp caters to groups of 4 people with the focus being getting to track down the big game of South Luangwa on foot with Deb. Jane and Deb appointed Wildman Safaris to assist with their marketing and reservations in 2017 as given their hands on, owner run experience, they needed assistance with the marketing and reservations, especially whilst they are in camp looking after guests!

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