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Diverse activities for all ages

Assured safety

Wondering what family holiday to do next?

  • 1. Is choosing a holiday becoming a lottery?
  • 2. Are you battling to meet the entire family's needs?
  • 3. Are the kids wanting to see animals but you’re unsure about their safety?


Wildman Safaris is a specialist family safari planner

We arrange safaris with your family in mind, whereby everyone is kept engaged or entertained regardless of age.

Three things which qualify us for family travel are:


We do safaris with our own families so we know what does and doesn’t work!

‘Safari Cache’ Concept

We own a revolutionary tool called the SAFARI CACHE which keeps all ages and interests engaged on safari.

Au Pairs

We have our own database of Safari Au Pairs who can accompany you on your trip.

“James and Kathy - the trip was phenomenal, it met and exceeded our expectations.  The people at all three lodges were very nice and did a great job in performing their specific tasks.” - Sacchi Family, June 2018

What to do to get started:

Before we can start putting together your family safari, we will need to know three things:

Select a Destination

Select a destination or camp (local or international) which best suits your interests and / or budget. We can help you with this.

Choose an Aupair

Select from our team of amazing safari au pairs who will unpack the bush for the little ones and ensure mom and dad get some quality time together.

Add an Activity

Add a competitive element to your safari to keep everyone entertained. Ask us about the Wildman Safari Cache.

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Ask us about our AARDVARK SAFARIS in association with Penguin RandomHouse’s new book launch: Andre the Aardvark's Adventure.