Have you ever wanted to ditch the tour and really explore? Ever felt that visiting Southern Africa should be like how the old storybooks describe it – wild and remote…the real thing!

You don’t want to end up on the ‘standard package’ with the rest of the world but you are not sure which path to take? That’s OK – that’s how we felt when we starting doing Southern African safari travel! Fortunately, you will discover that beyond the glossy magazines and scheduled flights there is still a wild, unscripted Africa to explore and having spent the last 5 years finding these hidden gems, we are sure you are going to love unwrapping them!

Although we call Cape Town home, we are really always looking forward to hearing about our guests trips into Southern Africa as we follow their trips as if we were doing it ourselves!

We know Zambia and South Africa very well and we’re also very familiar with Botswana. We have done a good few trips to Zimbabwe and the odd trip to Namibia, Tanzania and Mozambique but Zambia, South Africa and Botswana really make us tick! We are bonded with SATSA (the tourism industry watchdog) and we are also the official marketing and reservations departments for various lodges, camps and National Parks in Zambia.

Wildman Marketing Group

The Wildman Marketing Group handle the marketing and reservations for several unique, owner-run safari destinations in Zambia. The venues which make up this portfolio are: Luambe Camp, Surefoot Safaris, Kasanka National Park, Kafue River Lodge, Nanzhila Plains, Royal Barotse Safaris and Matoya Lodge.