We are fortunate to handle the marketing and reservations for a select handful of extraordinary wilderness properties in Zambia.

Many of the camps and safari lodges we love to work with operate WAY off the beaten track, often with limited communication channels and are run by the owners themselves or a highly dedicated management team. These venues are by their nature of critical importance to the local communities nearby and the wildlife or fisheries they actively or inadvertently protect.

They are committed to delivering an incredible wilderness experience from some of the most difficult trading positions imaginable. Very often, the time and resources needed to host clients, manage staff and protect or develop a wilderness area means that keeping up with marketing, reservations and keeping the travel industry updated with their news and stories becomes a very much neglected priority.

As a result of Wildman Safaris’ background and experience in these areas, we have discovered that we are uniquely positioned to help and develop lodges, camps and safaris who find themselves in these positions. We act as the marketing and reservations office for these venues from our base in Cape Town freeing them up to do what they do best – deliver outstanding wilderness experiences!

We have helped venues described above to:

Clarify Branding

Clarify their ‘brand’ and distinguish themselves in a very competitive industry.

Develop a marketing strategy

Create a unified and successful marketing strategy that has seen massive increases in enquiries and bookings.

Manage Bookings

Manage bookings, invoices and reservations processes.

Develop Travel Circuits

Grow sustainable travel circuits by linking ‘like-minded’ camps or experiences together to ensure sustainable growth.

When we started in Zambia in 2012, we didn’t realise what a need there was for this service but we were recently described by one of Zambia’s biggest ground handlers as having “taken all of Zambia’s ugly ducklings and helped show the market that they are in fact beautiful swans…

If you have a wilderness safari product and feel like it is not reaching its full potential but your hands are too full to see it do so, don’t stay stuck in first gear, send us an email .  We will come out and meet you and discuss your vision and predicament and give you our suggestions of how we can help you get the true story of your incredible camp out to the market.

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